Ch. Hrch. Davis Legend of Mystic Hollow X's Ch. Hrch Sh. Stars Magic Molly 



We are happy to have this beautiful labrador here at Heringo. He is truly the best of both worlds! 

He has one of the best English lines, Treddolphin, in which was operated for many years by our family friend, Claire.  His pedigree is very sentimental to me! As I have bought several of her dogs over the years.

He also has other great english lines such as Kellybreen, Balrion, Boradors, Blacklick, Henning Mill,  Rocheby, Poolstead, and more. 

He also has many american champion lines, his pedigree is loaded with the best hunting dogs out there! Very impressive! Icluding the 2 xs NFC CNFAC, FC CFD Ebonstar Lean Mac, FC AFC CH. Rebel with a cause, and 2 xs  NAFC FC CH. MD's Cotton Pick N Cropper.

All these lines, American and English, ive had in my lines for years. I first started with american labradors and LOVED the lines!  

What I loved about this pedigree as well, the LONG line of the best genetics as to hips, elbows, etc. Genetics should be most important and I was TRULY impressed with everything about this sweet boy. 

Shiloh will give us the dual purpose labrador here at Heringo!




Heringo's Impressive Ch. HRCH Davis Legend of Mystic Hollow UH. HRCH. CP. SH
Treddolphins Blazing Red
Blacklicks Frankly My Dear Kellygreens Kardinal
Springhaven sunset Bobbi
Golden Godilocks Brownie Miracle Boy
Treddolphin Clarion Dreamer
CH. GRHR UH Mystic Hollows Misty Mornin\' Hunts (CH)AFC- Hawkeyes Viking Nafc Fc AFC,Ebonstar Lean Mac
Starlab Mad Dash Kate
Hunts Lighting with a Cause FC AFC Rebel with a cause
Hunts HollyTerror Gunstocks JH
Stars Magic Molly
(CH) HRCH Luke Fulcher (CH)NFC AFC FC Aces Ebony and Ivory FC AFC Webshires Honest Abe
Zips Magic Marking Ink
Live Wires Cotton Tip NFC MDs Cotton PickN Cropper
Live Wires Maggie
White Gold Starr SH (CH) NAFC FC MD\'s Cotton PickN Cropper Fc Afc Candlewoods MD Houston
Kurggerands Honey Bee
Jacksons Bo Jangle Nafc Afc Ebonstar Lean Mac
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